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Our way of working

Your dream house

Building your own dream house should not be taken lightly. Fjord Home values personal service, which is reflected in our way of working.

First appointment

Your wishes are extremely important. We know that every individual differs in their dreams and wishes, which is why we do not have set concepts beforehand. We would like to meet our clients first to discover what they desire.

In our first appointment, we can advise you on :

  • The plot
  • The type of home
  • The lay-out
  • Design
  •  Life in Norway

Visiting Norway

The next step is actually visiting Norway. We have several accommodations available for you to experience the “hytte i Norge” feeling.

When you have chosen a plot, we will discuss and personalise your home in detail, produce it and eventually construct it. The homes and villas we offer are made out of wood and meet the highest quality standards. They are built completely according to Norwegian tradition.

Life in Norway

We have years of experience with all the factors that are involved in the process of building a new home in Norway such as; applying for building permits, Norwegian social security number, planning, organization , logistics and implementation of land and construction work. We are well aware of the Norwegian construction law and the culture. We build and produce your home ourselves, so we can guarantee the best quality meeting the latest legalisation.

Norwegian building regulations

Your holiday villa will be built with certified materials, entirely in accordance with the Norwegian building regulations. Quality and personal service are our top priority.

The building process

We will inform you throughout the entire building process with the progress up-dates. We realise that just words are not going to cover this, thus we always include imagery. Due to this, you will always remain involved in the process. You can of course reach us for any questions at all times.

The completion

The last step is transferring the home to you. This will take place in your own new home, so you can start enjoying your hytte straight away!


Would you like to know more about the opportunities for a holiday home in Norway? Please contact us.



Persoonlijke service, zoals het hoort

Bij Fjord Home begrijpen wij heel goed dat een droomhuis bouwen iets persoonlijks is, daarom staat de klant ten alle tijden centraal.

Iedereen heeft zijn eigen smaak en invulling over hoe hun droomhuis er uit moet komen, niets staat vast. Dankzij onze eigen fabriek, hebben wij de mogelijkheid om woningen aan te passen en te ontwerpen zoals u wilt.